darcs patch: Add UTF8 converting and outputing functions

Jun Mukai mukai at jmuk.org
Wed Oct 18 23:31:43 EDT 2006

Hello Ian,

> Why is all this GHC-only?
> If the earlier stuff really does need to be GHC-only, shouldn't this be
> too?

I agree with you.  There are no needs to be GHC-only.

However, my code imports GHC.List and GHC.Word (not Data.List and
Data.Word because they import Data.Char).  These requirements are
implementation dependent.  I have little knowledge about other
implementation; I do not know the appropriate module names for NHC or
Hugs or other implementations.  I have no testing environments for

And also, the problem of UTF-8 encoding is currently GHC specific,
IMHO.  I'd like to solve this at first.  I intend to discuss whether
UTF-8 code is included in base or not.  
The restrictions can be lately released, if needed.


Jun Mukai
mukai at jmuk.org

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