hs-plugins: dynamic linking error with .ctors section

Bulat Ziganshin bulat.ziganshin at gmail.com
Wed Oct 18 09:43:33 EDT 2006

Hello Esa,

Wednesday, October 18, 2006, 1:42:49 PM, you wrote:

>> When I try to load A.hs using hs-plugins, I get the following error:
>> Unknown PEi386 section name `.ctors' (while processing: C:\Program
>> Files\Haskell\RGPack-0.0\ghc-6.4.2/HSRGPack-0.0.o)

> I think this is fixed in ghc 6.6.  There probably isn't a workaround
> without recompiling ghc from source (and fixing Linker.c in rts-dir.)

and this problem was not fixed in 6.4 branch?

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