darcs patch: Add UTF8 converting and outputing functions

mukai at jmuk.org mukai at jmuk.org
Sat Oct 14 12:56:07 EDT 2006

Thu Oct 12 22:55:03 JST 2006  mukai at jmuk.org
  * Add UTF8 converting and outputing functions

In GHC 6.6, the source code can include UTF-8 characters and converted
them to Unicode chars.  However, there are no (easy) way to convert
them from/to UTF-8 in standard libraries of GHC.

When outputing unicode characters in current GHC, hPutChar overflows 
their codepoints, and just prints lower 8-bit.

This has not been a serious problem because past haskell programs
contained few unicode characters.  By now, the codes containing 
unicode characters become widespread because of supporting 
UTF-8 encoding.

Therefore, base library must have some ways to deal with this problem, 

Best regards,
Jun Mukai
mukai at jmuk.org

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