4th Cabal-1.1.6 release candiate

Duncan Coutts duncan.coutts at worc.ox.ac.uk
Sat Oct 7 14:08:41 EDT 2006

Hi all,

I've put up a tarball for the fourth 1.16 Cabal release candidate:


I had been hoping that this would be the final RC. One bug I've
uncovered is that building the haddock docs for HUnit when cpphs is
installed fails. This is because the Distribution.PreProcess.Unlit.unlit
code produces incorrect output for Test/HUnit/Lang.lhs.

I could do with some help in fixing this.

One can reproduce it with:

cd libraries/HUnit
cpphs -OLang.lhs Test/HUnit/Lang.lhs --noline --strip
ghc -e 'interact (Distribution.PreProcess.Unlit.unlit "Lang.lhs")' <
Lang.lhs > Lang.hs

compare this with:

ghc -E Lang.lhs -o Lang.hspp

and try:

diff Lang.hspp Lang.hs

Cabal's unlit code is incorrectly dropping whitespace and actual tokens.
See especially the last part of that file.

I think this needs fixing asap since the cpphs code path gets used in
preference to the ghc -E path if cpphs is installed. In this example the
symptoms are not too bad as it seems only to be affecting haddock, but I
fear it may break more seriously in other packages.


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