Proposal: Add System.FilePath to base

Ian Lynagh igloo at
Fri Nov 24 12:24:13 EST 2006

On Thu, Nov 23, 2006 at 04:48:36PM +0000, Neil Mitchell wrote:
> "I propose that this module is added to the set of modules which is
> guaranteed to be available in every Haskell implementation, and can be
> used by programs with a simple import statement."
> Currently that means "is in base".

For GHC that means "is a core lib"; I'm not sure of the policy for the
other implementations. Perhaps we should rename that "is a GHC core lib"
and define a list of global "core libs" (of which "GHC core libs" would
be a superset) somewhere?

I haven't looked at the particular library, but have no problem with
some sort of file path manipulating library to be used by cabal
Setup.hs's being in the core libs set.


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