Proposal: Add System.FilePath to base

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at
Thu Nov 23 11:48:36 EST 2006


> so, i propose to include your lib in the core (or base) library set,
> bundle it with ghc and hugs, and host it on like
> other ghc-bundled libs

Ok, perhaps I can rephrase my position (in light of your currently
ongoing discussion):

"I propose that this module is added to the set of modules which is
guaranteed to be available in every Haskell implementation, and can be
used by programs with a simple import statement."

Currently that means "is in base". If you can convince the GHC and
Hugs people that for their next releases they will guarantee to bundle
a set of libraries and treat them as though they were in base, then my
proposal is asking to be included in that set. (The Yhc position on
this is that its a really good idea, and we'll definitely do that!)

As a side note, I think that the process for getting a library into
this set of guaranteed libraries should be exactly the same as the
current process for getting a library into base. If these core
libraries have the same status as base currently does, then they need
the same level of scrutiny.



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