Proposal: Add System.FilePath to base

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at
Thu Nov 23 08:26:50 EST 2006


> > * Portability, Windows+Linux, GHC+Hugs+Yhc
> may be i'm wrong but adding NHC compatibility seems like an important
> issue. reasons: base lib and cabal now supports nhc and anything
> proposed to be used here need to follow the same requirements

I'd be deeply shocked if it wasn't NHC, Helium and Jhc compatible as
well! Provided your Haskell compiler supports a really small section
of the report, and your libraries have some really easy pure Haskell
functions, it should work. For Portability read "anywhere, any
compiler". NHC does not work on Windows, so I have not had a chance to
try it.

> if you spend your time working on it, it's better to work in right
> direction instead of playing ping-pong - now you are moving this
> module from FilePath library to the Base and in future someone will
> make just the opposite operation :)

Whatever happens in the future, I suspect FilePath won't become a
single standalone library after the base library split happens. Given
that no one knows what will happen, or when, its best that when the
base library splits the task is "split up the base library", not
"integrate new modules into a new system which includes the base
library and other stuff".



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