ANN: Edison 1.2RC4

Robert Dockins robdockins at
Sun May 14 17:36:52 EDT 2006

Fellow Haskellers!

I am pleased to announce the 4th (and with any luck, final) release candidate 
for Edison 1.2.  Edison is a library of efficient data structures for 

Changes from RC3 include:

  * introduce strict/strictWith operations for all APIs
  * add Ord* instances for PatriciaLoMap and TernaryTrie
  * add David F. Place's EnumSet implementation
  * complete the FiniteMap unit test coverage and fix a bunch
    of bugs in finite map implementations
  * add 'symmetricDifference' to Collection and
    Associated Collection APIs
  * add Ord instances for data structures
  * add Monoid instances for data structures
  * Edison now requires Cabal 1.1.4 to build

The project homepage is located at:

API docs are located at:

And the darcs repository is located at:

As before, comments are welcome, particularly comments relating to the API.  
However, barring major disasters I may have overlooked, I hope to release RC4 
as 1.2, essentially unchanged.

Rob Dockins

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