Unsafe Functions

Ashley Yakeley ashley at semantic.org
Thu May 4 17:36:50 EDT 2006

Sven Panne wrote:
> Am Mittwoch, 26. April 2006 03:26 schrieb Ashley Yakeley:
>>Donald Bruce Stewart wrote:
>>>Something like:
>>>    Unsafe.IO
>>>    Unsafe.ST ?
>>Possibly even migrating Foreign to Unsafe.Foreign.
> ... to confuse people, make existing tutorials useless for beginners and 
> forcing tons of code to be modified just for a cosmetic namespace change? 
> Definitely not. Stuff in "Foreign" is by default not safe in the Haskell 
> sense.

OK, that's fine. All I'm hoping for is a rule to determine whether a 
given symbol is safe or not. As you pointed out, "unsafe*" doesn't work.

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