Cabal and fps merge into base-package

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at
Wed May 3 19:51:53 EDT 2006

> Hello
> How is one supposed to handle fps being merged to the base package
> in a Cabal file? Clearly GHC 6.4 will need to depend on the fps
> package while with GHC 6.5 such a dependency is superfluous,
> and actually having fps installed will cause conflicts.
> What is the right solution?

One solution is to provide 2 .cabal files. One default one, using
whatever the default compiler needs (i.e. -package fps). And for those
on the bleeding edge, a foo.cabal.6.5 perhaps, without the fps package
dep.  These users would then have to perform one extra step to build the

I can't think of a native Cabal way to solve this though. We don't allow
__GLASGOW_HASKELL__ or such numbers inside .cabal files, or conditionals.

-- Don

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