haskell.org libraries and tools page needs some fixing

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at cse.unsw.edu.au
Wed Mar 22 19:25:15 EST 2006

> >I'm willing to start working on this, but I want to check with you guys 
> >first. Any comments, ideas, or flames?
> >
> >I guess that if I start doing major stuff like chaning the mark-up, I'll 
> >put a note at the top asking people to hold off editing for a short while.
> I have now split the huge Libraries and Tools page into about 20 smaller 
> pages, all linked to from the main page, cleaned up all the mark-up, and 
> marked any dead links for which there weren't obvious replacements with 
> a new template: {{dead link}}. I have tried to move some entries around 
> to get the "standard" ones near the top and dead ones at the bottom. I 
> haved added links to a few modules in the standard libraries where I 
> found it appropriate.
> It would be great if you all could have a look at the libraries pages 
> for the categories in which you are interested and make sure that:
> * all the libraries that you maintain or use are listed, and that
>   the entries are reasonable accurate.

You could also perhaps add some new material by looking at the
annoucnements archive. At least this material will be recent:


-- Don

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