haskell.org libraries and tools page needs some fixing

Björn Bringert bringert at cs.chalmers.se
Wed Mar 22 14:56:46 EST 2006

Björn Bringert wrote:
> Hi all,
> I recently wanted to add some libraries to 
> http://www.haskell.org/haskellwiki/Libraries_and_tools and noticed a 
> number of problems.
> Problems:
> - The page is very large.
> - Many sections are large.
> - Many of the libraries linked to are obsolete.
> - Many of the links are dead [1].
> - Many of the libraries have been moved into the standard libraries.
> - Some libraries are listed in multiple sections (at least some
>   CGI libraries, there might be more).
> - Small and large, new and old libraries are mixed, and it's
>   difficult for the reader to asses which things are relevant.
> - The page is not valid XHTML, the W3C Validator finds 433 errors [2].
>   * The pages uses <dt> tags everywhere, even though there is Wiki
>     markup for definition lists. This seems to be causing most of
>     the problems.
> Some possible remedies:
> - Replace dead links with Internet Archive links
> - Create an "obsolete" subsection of each section, and move old
>   stuff there. Of course it can be difficult to figure out which things
>   are obsolete, but I guess a first approximation would be everything
>   for which the link is dead.
> - For libraries which are part of the standard libraries, provide links 
> to the haddock page for the relevant module.
> - Replace HTML tags with Wiki markup.
> I'm willing to start working on this, but I want to check with you guys 
> first. Any comments, ideas, or flames?
> I guess that if I start doing major stuff like chaning the mark-up, I'll 
> put a note at the top asking people to hold off editing for a short while.

I have now split the huge Libraries and Tools page into about 20 smaller 
pages, all linked to from the main page, cleaned up all the mark-up, and 
marked any dead links for which there weren't obvious replacements with 
a new template: {{dead link}}. I have tried to move some entries around 
to get the "standard" ones near the top and dead ones at the bottom. I 
haved added links to a few modules in the standard libraries where I 
found it appropriate.

It would be great if you all could have a look at the libraries pages 
for the categories in which you are interested and make sure that:

* all the libraries that you maintain or use are listed, and that
   the entries are reasonable accurate.
* any entries which are obsolete are removed.
* there are entries for relevant modules in the standard libraries.
* the entries are in some kind of order of importance.
* the pages link to any of the other library pages that might be
   relevant for that category.

There is still a "Various" section on the main page, with things that I 
couldn't figure out where to put. You are very welcome to figure out 
good places too move these to, adding pages as necessary. Remember to 
link to any new pages from the main page.


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