Capturing facility of OpenAL binding

Dmitry V'yal akamaus at
Wed Mar 15 02:03:07 EST 2006

I am going to play with sound processing using Haskell. I need to capture sound
in my program somehow. According to it's documentation, OpenAL supports sound
capturing. So I decided to use Haskell binding to it. doesn't mention OpenAL.
	I managed to find API where:
	But it's half complete compared to

Then I looked through ghc-6.4.1 library sources and didn't find
ghc-6.4.1/libraries/OpenAL/Sound/OpenAL/ALC/Capture.hs at all. But it must be
where according to online docs.

	So the question is whether OpenAL binding supports capturing or not and is it
planned to add it in the latter case?

	Thanks in advance.

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