QDBM / Hyper Estraier bindings for haskell

Jun Mukai mukai at jmuk.org
Wed Jun 28 01:58:11 EDT 2006

Hello all,

I pleased to announce the QDBM and Hyper Estraier bindings for haskell.

If you are interested in, they can be obtained from

These are darcs repository, so you can obtain them via darcs.

These bindings are already cabalized, you have to type only as follows
to install them:
% runghc ./Setup.hs configure
% runghc ./Setup.hs build
# runghc ./Setup.hs install

the online API documentation generated by haddock is also shown at

* What is QDBM?

QDBM, stands for Quick DBM, is a database module similar to GDBM or
NDBM or Berkeley-DB, but the specific feature is performance and
simple API.

By now, my QDBM binding supports only Depot, Curia, Villa, and a part
of Cabin.

QDBM can handle several kinds of DBM, and Depot and Curia and Villa is
a name of each DBM.  Depot is a basic DBM.  Curia is a `large' DBM and
bundles many Depot files for its internal implementation.  Curia also
can store `large objects' as a file.  Villa is B+Tree DBM and uses a
function to compare keys.  Villa also has faculty of cursors and
transactions.  Vista, `large' version of Villa, is not supported.
Odeum, inverted index, is also not supported.

Cabin is auxiliary functions collection module and contains a kind of
utility functions of string operation such as Base64 encode/decode,
URL encode/decode, quoted printable encode/decode, mime analysis, csv
reading and so on.  These functions will be useful for many
Haskellers, and run faster.

If you are interested in QDBM itself, see http://qdbm.sourceforge.net/

* What is Hyper Estraier

Hyper Estraier is a full-text search system using QDBM.  You can
search documents according to the keywords specified and so on.

My Hyper Estraier binding supports only `core' API.  Core API can
handle document object, conditionals, and full-text search DB.  Hyper
Estraier itself has `node' API, which invokes search queries to remote
servers using HTTP.  Node API is not supported yet in my binding now.

If you are interested in Hyper Estraier itself, 
see http://hyperestraier.sourceforge.net/

Any comments are welcome.


Jun Mukai
mukai at jmuk.org

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