Reflection API for Haskell.

Alberto Gómez Corona agocorona at
Thu Jun 22 10:30:21 EDT 2006

 After all,
> > SYB has already shown how to write serialisers and deserialisers.
> It isn't enough because I would like to be able to
> serialize/deserialize some Haskell values to BerkleyDB. The existing
> API is enough for that but the troubles come when I have to change the
> representation of any type. I would like to compare the current type
> representation with those stored in the database. In addition I would
> like to have generic tool that will be able read\write data from the
> database without need to have the same data types defined. This is
> necessary if you want to have an easy way to translate your exising
> data to the new representation.
> Cheers,
>   Krasimir

A consistent reflection module is necessary. Reflection must be a module of
Haskell not a kind of hack that works for certain types of data and in certain
cases because, if we have reflection as a module, people will more easily port
many ideas that come form other languages such are frameworks for industrial

I definitively support the need of reflection as a distinct feature in Haskell.

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