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Bulat Ziganshin bulat.ziganshin at
Tue Jun 13 12:08:16 EDT 2006

Hello Takano,

Sunday, June 11, 2006, 1:18:35 PM, you wrote:

> I wrote an IO library, inspired by, and partly based on,
> Bulat Ziganshin's Streams library. The main aim of the library is to
> experiment with different design choices, especially emphasizing the
> following:

> * Many small classes
> * Iconv-friendly interface

> The source code and documentation can be found at:

first i considered your library as ready-to-use alternative to Streams
and was discouraged. but then i understood that it is only
proof-of-concept for alternative class structure and realized that for
this purpose it serves very well - everything works just as it should
work, every bit of Simon's critique about monolithic Stream class was
taken into account

> == Type structure

> The library tries to assign a different class for a different concept.
> For example, it distinguishes read-only streams from write-only ones,
> and seekable streams from non-seekable ones. As a result, the library
> provides a small and clean interface, so it ensures more type safety,
> and type signatures of stream-operating functions are able to carry
> more information.

moreover, you've implemented this w/o duplicating functionality in
read, write and read/write classes and virtually w/o speed penalty, by
creating "manager" (you call it Controller) class to switch between
reading and writing Port behavior

> == Iconv friendliness

> Although Unicode is quickly becoming popular, there are still many
> widely-used, character-set-specific encodings. Therefore i18n-aware
> applications may have to handle a locale-specific encoding, which is
> not statically known. Then, using an external conversion routine, such
> as iconv, will be virtually the only possible way to go. The library's
> interface intaracts well with iconv and other c runtines. This also
> means that adding zlib functionality can be easy, for example.

about your example of using UTF8+Latin1 encoding on one stream: it
shouldn't work for using any encoding AFTER UTF8 (i don't have Unix,
so i not compiled your lib and don't make actual tests). imagine that
first 10 bytes in file represent 8 UTF8 chars. after decoding, these
chars will be represented by 32 bytes (8 UTF-32 values). when you make
sCleanup, library just can't know what those 32 bytes read from
intermediate buffer correspond to 10 bytes in lower-level stream

> == Performance

> The library is currently not very fast. For example, typical repitition
> of putStr/getLine is 1.5x slower than the corresponding standard Handle
> operations. When you omit locking, the library performs roughly equally
> well to the standard Handle.

to make performance maximal, you should use INLINE pragmas, unboxed
references and many other small toys of True Glasgow Inliner :)  of
course, you don't need to do so in proof-of-concept lib

the only overhead imposed by your design by itself is to check one
IOURef (unboxed variable) per each operation and even that is required
only for controlled r/w streams

i also specially mentioned your implementation of locking transformer.
if i correctly understood, it allows to add locking even when stream
is used by two transformer paths (such as UTF8+Latin1), in contrast
to my library

i still don't understood your whole class structure and therefore
can't compare it exactly to my current design (where i splitted
Stream class only to BlockStream/MemoryStream/CharStream/ByteStream
with corresponding operations inside each class) and therefore can't
decide whether i like to go in your direction or don't like :)

Best regards,
 Bulat                            mailto:Bulat.Ziganshin at

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