Cabal vs base

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at
Mon Jul 31 12:10:18 EDT 2006


I'm interested in using Cabal to build the base library, just like any
other library. Does this have any chance of working? How much work
would it take?

At the moment the libraries build script has broken on Windows loads
of times, and if Cabal was used it would be nicer, less code, and more
cross platform. I'd also like to compile libraries for Hat, Yhc and
Catch, and if I can reuse cabal to do this that would be great.

If this work was done, would it be possible to reduce the installation
script for the full libraries to get library, cabal
config, cabal build, cabal install?

So just a general question about what needs doing, who is capable of
doing it, and what I can do to get it working.



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