ANN: TextRegexLazy 0.44

Chris Kuklewicz haskell at
Thu Jul 13 04:17:30 EDT 2006

Bulat Ziganshin wrote:
> Hello Chris,
> Thursday, July 13, 2006, 1:03:19 AM, you wrote:
>> This was my first time packaging with cabal, and I am hoping it works for you.
> are you included Makefile? this makes building & installation somewhat
> simpler for a user

Yes, but the makefile is used just to compile Setup.hs to ./setup and tell the 
user to run that instead.

>> Question 2: Is there interest in getting this into an official release of the
>> base libraries?  The Compat module could at least replace or sit alongside the
>> performance sink of the current Text.Regex code.
> i'm 120% want to see ByteString, regular expressions matching for
> String and ByteString, and JRegex (=~ operator implementation) to be
> included in GHC 6.6

That typeclass interface is very handy, BUT it expects the thing being matched 
against is a list of something.  This prevents making ByteString an instance of 

The answer will be to alter the type class to not make such an assumption. 
Luckily John Meacham put JRegex under the 3 clause BSD, so I will
   * Make a modified version of the type classes
   * Make Text.Regex.Lazy an instance of these type classes
   * Port JRegex to be instances of these type classes (links to PCRE!)
Then I or someone else can
   * Implement an efficient instance of Bytestring being handled by PCRE.

I expect step zero will be "Make a darcs repository" and step (-1) will be 
"Learn how to make a remotely accessible darcs repository"


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