Idea to allow people to comment on Haskell docs

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at
Fri Jan 20 04:43:25 EST 2006

| I guess the question is if people will actually start commenting on
| functions. So I would vote for the addition to haddock and see what is
| happening. Maybe we need then need to gather statistics about what
| are clicked most and check which ones of these are empty (and left the
| user frustrated).

That reminds me.  One very useful, but probably hard-to-implement,
feature would be if the "User comment" link looked different if there
were actually some comments at the other end of the link.  "Is it worth
clicking this?" thinks the user.  Kind of like Amazon, which says "Click
here to see 4 user reviews" or "Write the first review".  


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