Who needs Ord for Sets and Maps anyway?

Adrian Hey ahey at iee.org
Thu Jan 19 03:53:31 EST 2006


On Thursday 19 Jan 2006 1:12 am, John Meacham wrote:
> It would be interesting to use DrIFT to produce generalized Tries from
> arbitrary abstract data types. 

I'm not sure what DrIFT actually does, but it sounds like what you're
suggesting should be interesting. I was thinking it wouldn't be to
hard to write a program that took any Haskell data type definition
(call it MyType) and automatically emitted MyTypeSet and MyTypeMap
generalised trie types and associated functions and class instances.

Of course the problem comes in that having created these types it
should go on to create MyTypeSetSet,MyTypeSetMap,MyTypeMapSet,
MyTypeMapMap..Hmm :-) 

Adrian Hey

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