please send your cabal bug reports, wishlist, and patches!

Isaac Jones ijones at
Mon Jan 16 02:04:20 EST 2006


I'm trying hard to get a better hold on the Cabal[1] project, and a
more clear idea of all the outstanding work that needs to be done.
I've gone through my mailbox to dig up stuff like this, but no doubt
some has slipped between the cracks.

I started a bug tracker / wiki a few weeks ago, and would like your
help to make sure that it reflects _all_ of the work that needs to be
done in Cabal.

If you've sent me a feature request or bug report that hasn't been
added to Cabal, can you please check if it is on the wiki, and if not,
create a "ticket" (bug report) for it:

Cabal Wiki & Bug Tracker:

If you're not sure, or don't want to use the bug tracker, just email

This bug tracker is a great place to make more complex feature
requests, as it has full wiki markup.  See this ticket for a nice

Also, if you've sent me any patches that are not yet applied, please
re-send them to me.




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