[Haskell] ANN: FFI Imports Packaging Utility (pre-release)

Dimitry Golubovsky golubovsky at gmail.com
Sun Feb 12 22:22:31 EST 2006

I  am pleased to announce the pre-release of the FFI Imports Packaging
Utility (ffipkg), a new member of the HSFFIG package.

The `ffipkg' utility prepares a Haskell package containing FFI imports
for building by accepting locations of  C header and foreign library
files as command line arguments and producing Haskell source files
with FFI declarations, a Makefile, a Cabal package descriptor file,
and a Setup.hs file suitable for running the Cabal package setup
program. The utility acts as a "driver" running the C preprocessor,
the equivalent of the hsffig program, and the source splitter.

Everybody working on a project involving imports from foreign
libraries: feel free to try it out. Any feedback will be appreciated.

Suggested reading:


How to get it:

This pre-release is available from the darcs repo only: no new
downloads have been added yet to the project page at sourceforge.net.

darcs get --partial http://hsffig.sourceforge.net/repos/hsffig-1.1

Run `make' first

Then run Setup.hs as usual to configure/build/install the package.
Don't forget to specify path to Alex if it is not on the default PATH.

The package installs as HSFFIG-1.1


GHC >=6.4 (I use 6.4.1)
Cabal >= 1.1.3 (older version may not work because of excutables
install bug and missing parts of API). For Cabal from darcs, read
about the "new userHooks" option of ffipkg.

Alex is needed

Packages parsec and FilePath are needed.

The package also contains an unfinished "xmldump" utility which
depends on the hxt (XML Toolbox) package. Please let me know if this
is a great inconvenience: I may remove it from the release.

Hope that this utility will be useful for the developers.

Dimitry Golubovsky

Anywhere on the Web

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