Wanted: documentation for STM

Simon Marlow simonmarhaskell at gmail.com
Mon Dec 11 07:28:33 EST 2006

Spencer Janssen wrote:
> Clicking on any of the names takes you to the documentation for  
> GHC.Conc, and each function seems reasonably documented there.  Is  
> Haddock able to show the documentation of these re-exported functions?

The problem is that Haddock doesn't store all the documentation in the .haddock 
file for a package, so it can't propagate documentation for re-exported 
identifiers across package boundaries.  Including all the documentation in the 
.haddock file would bloat the file quite a bit, I think.

However, maybe we could export the documentation on a module-by-module basis, 
selected by an option in the module source.  We should at least improve the 
presentation for identifiers that don't have documentation becuase they are 
re-exported from another package.


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