Library name choice for network accept loop module under development

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at
Sat Dec 9 10:27:56 EST 2006

> I am working on a library module to implement a network accept loop
> with graceful shutdown.  (See
> This code is tricky to get right, so if I am successful, it will be
> useful to projects such as web or database servers which accept
> network connections and would like to be able to restart gracefully
> without dropping or losing connections.
> Is "Network.AcceptLoop" a good name for this module in the
> hierarchical library namespace?

I'd suggest not using CamelCase names in modules -- there are a few in
the base libs, but not many. So


perhaps. Accept (Loop) doesn't seem terribly intuitive, perhaps something like:


or something similar, emphasising the non-dropping aspect?

Thanks for contributing this!

-- Don

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