cabal/haddock features

Johannes Waldmann waldmann at
Tue Dec 5 07:34:40 EST 2006

yeah, great tools, but ..

* when Cabal(-1.1.6) sees a wrong entry in "exposed-modules"
  (a module whose source cannot be found)
  it says "Parse of field 'exposed-modules' failed:"
  with an unhelpful line number (the line where the field starts,
  not the line where the error occurs)

* is there a simple way to "expose" all modules in a source tree?
  Perhaps: exposed-modules: Foo.Bar.*; Baz.*
  I have to generate "exposed-modules" by some find/sed hackery,
  But I want to use Cabal exactly to avoid such extra tools.

* when a *.cabal file specifies both a library and an executable
  that uses this library, the build process compiles all files twice,
  once for the library, once for the executable?
  (This may be my misunderstanding of some options/fields.)

* haddock(-0.8) does not understand ghc-6.6's new syntax,
  e.g. foo :: Bar <- baz  (withouth parens around the lhs)
  that is bad because now I have to rewrite my code.

* why does haddock *die* in such cases? it has no business
  parsing the code anyway, as it should only care for declarations.
  (yes it needs to find the next declaration
  but couldn't this be done more generously?)
  (no, since what looks like a decl. could in fact be inside
  a block comment - but that's already known after scanning,
  and before proper parsing?)

I'd try to help by coding some patches but I don't follow
the development closely, so I ask if perhaps someone already is
working in it or at least has a roadmap for work.

Best regards,
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