Portable keyboard signal handling

Robert Dockins robdockins at fastmail.fm
Thu Aug 31 19:06:18 EDT 2006

On Thursday 31 August 2006 16:01, Neil Mitchell wrote:
> Hi,
> > One problem I've run into is that I need a way to
> > portably handle Ctrl-C.
> I do too, but that module has absolutely no documentation on the web
> (http://www.haskell.org/ghc/docs/latest/html/libraries/base/GHC-ConsoleHand
>ler.html), so rather unsurprisingly I missed that entirely!

Indeed.  I had to browse the source after finding that the Haddock docs are 
essentially useless.  I do have to say, one nice side effect of using darcs 
is that one can simply point one's browser at the source repository to peruse 
the code.  I've bookmarked http://cvs.haskell.org/darcs   :-)

> I also need to raise Ctrl-C on a process I have started from Haskell,
> so if that could be also done in a portable way then I'd be happy :)

This is also an issue.  I only need to handle the events, but I can certainly 
see the utility of generating them as well.

> Thanks
> Neil

Rob Dockins

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