Duncan Coutts duncan.coutts at
Wed Aug 23 00:07:08 EDT 2006

Due to popular demand, the new SOE implementation based on Gtk2Hs is now
available separately:


darcs get

It works with the latest released version of Gtk2Hs, ie version 0.9.10
It works at least on Linux and Windows. It's packaged with Cabal.

The rendering quality is better than the original HGL version. Here's a
side-by-side comparison:

and it works with GHC on Windows, which the original doesn't. Sadly it
doesn't work with Hugs98 (but I hear that the HGL version does work with

There may be some slight differences in the semantics from the original.
Please test it with any SOE examples you've got. If you find any
mismatches, then report them as bugs here:



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