Cabal Questions

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at
Thu Aug 17 16:34:48 EDT 2006


I want to use a preprocessor (haskell source extensions) on .xhs files
in the Hoogle repo. This isn't a preprocessor that is known about by
Cabal as far as I can tell, so I need to do "something". I remember
that one of the main drives behind Cabal was so that additional
preprocessors could be specified by the individual program.

I remembered that lambdabot uses a preprocessor, but sadly that uses
GHC specific preprocessor flags, and so isn't using the cabal
architecture for doing this. How does Cabal do this? Any examples I
can follow?



PS. I note that there is a new cabal-devel mailing list, but the cabal
docs still suggest sending to this list for cabal questions. What
should go on this list, and what should go down cabal-devel?

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