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On Mon, Aug 14, 2006 at 12:15:05AM -0400, kahl at wrote:
> Unfortunately the relevant prelude functions, like not, &&, all, ...,
> are all written in a way that they don't work for Silliness.

newtype deriving is really great here.

newtype NumberOfBalls = NumberOfBalls Int

now you have a type that works almost the same as Int, you can add,
substract, etc.. on it. but you can't accidentally add one to a plain
old Int.

Of course, to take the most advantage of this sort of thing, you want to
define your own classes for some shared syntax.

class HasSize a where
        size :: a -> Int 

class IsEmpty a where
        isEmpty :: a -> Bool

newtype IdMap a = IdMap (Map.Map Id a)

and so forth.


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