ANN: TextRegexLazy-0.66 devel release

Chris Kuklewicz haskell at
Tue Aug 8 14:06:57 EDT 2006

(when (compilesOk) (announce newVersion))

This is a development release announcement of "TextRegexLazy"

The "TextRegexLazy" package is dead.

Long Live [regex-base     -- interfaces
           ,regex-compat   -- replace Text.Regex
           ,regex-posix    -- PosixRE backend
           ,regex-pcre     -- PCRE backend
           ,regex-parsec   -- My lazy Haskell backend
           ,regex-dfa      -- DFA based on modified CTKLight (LGPL)

Note: Everything is BSD licensed except the regex-dfa engine which is LGPL.

The darcs repository at has the new version.

The regex-compat package is a single Text.Regex.New module that uses regex-posix 
to replace Text.Regex (I cut and pasted from the Text.Regex module and 
re-implemented some of the functions).  The old Text.Regex.Posix module is 
bypassed (so it could be removed in the future).  Changing the dependency to a 
different backend is as simply as changing the import statement.  Changing from 
String to ByteString would be a simple search-and-replace (and import 

The regex-posix package does not have a personal copy of the posix regex library 
like the copy GHC brings to Windows:

If someone can get regex-posix working on Windows, then 
[regex-base,regex-posix,regex-compat] will be functionally ready to be included 
along with GHC.

  * Much Haddock fixing for the new module hierarchy
  * Point the test cases at the new packages
  * Benchmark

Chris Kuklewicz

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