Cabal feature request - dates in versions

Ross Paterson ross at
Mon Apr 24 11:24:45 EDT 2006

On Mon, Apr 24, 2006 at 03:14:01AM +0300, Einar Karttunen wrote:
> On 23.04 20:17, Ross Paterson wrote:
> > setup sdist --snapshot
> Does not help with people doing:
> darcs get
> runghc Setup.hs configure
> runghc Setup.hs build
> su -c 'runghc Setup.hs install'
> If one wants to do snapshot releases then adding the version manually is
> no problem. But for a head-branch in darcs/cvs/... this is problematic.

Perhaps you want --snapshot on install/copy/register.

An alternative would be a Boolean field in the package description,
distinguishing a package from a repository.  In the latter case you'd
get the expanded version numbers, but sdist would mark the things it
created as packages.

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