cabal question / feature request

Johannes Waldmann waldmann at
Fri Sep 30 08:41:14 EDT 2005

Dear all.

is there a way to get the preprocessed sources  of a project from Cabal?
Is this what "Setup copy" is for? (I guess not.)

If I do "runhaskell Setup.hs sdist",  I get a tarball
with the original sources (macros not expanded).

If I do "runhaskell Setup.hs haddock"
it seems the preprocessed sources are built -
but then deleted, so I only get what haddock makes of them
(and this I don't like - I need more control over
haddock options, so I need to run it outside cabal.)

Can I get the desired effect by doing Setup configure for hugs
and then Setup install? (Would this install preprocessed sources?)
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