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Graham Klyne GK at ninebynine.org
Tue Sep 20 11:21:54 EDT 2005


It sounds as if you may have a version mismatch between the modified
HaXml and URI module that it uses.  Some time ago, we ("the community",
or something like that) agreed some small changes to function names in
the URI module.  Those changes are in the GHC CVS, but I'm not sure if
they're in the current stable release.  That said, I thought the old
names were kept as deprecated.  It maybe that you're using the latest
rev. of my code, which, IIRC, was modified to support this change.

I apologize that my code is not quite out-of-the-box usable.  I have
been intending to cabalize it and generally clean it up, but last time I
looked at this I ran in to problems with Cabal on Windows, and since
have been tied up with a real job and other things.

Hmmm... looking at my working copy, I don't see any evidence that I
completed testing it under GHC.  I even have two test case failures
under Hugs :-(.  I think it's to do with formatting rather than parsing.
  Something obviously slipped here, but my RDF/XML parser, which is
based on this library, passes all its tests, so I'm guessing I had to
make some changes to get the RDF parser to work properly, and didn't
update the XML parser test suite.

I did have plans to get back to this in the near-ish future, to try and
build some web-based data conversion modules using Bjorn's(?) Apache
fastCGI module, but don't hold your breath.


Dominic Steinitz wrote:
> Can anyone clarify this? I need to be able to handle namespaces some I'm using 
> Graham Klyne's version 
> http://www.ninebynine.org/Software/HaskellUtils/20040802-Haxml-1.12.zip. 
> There is a 1.13 version on the HaXml website 
> http://www.cs.york.ac.uk/fp/HaXml.
>>From the words on the website, it doesn't look like 1.13 has incorporated 
> Graham's changes. When I try and build Graham's version with GHC 6.4, I run 
> into problems such as parseUriReference should really be parseURIReference 
> and others (actually that's because of the Haskell HTTP package 
> http://www.haskell.org/http/ rather than GHC).
> Does 1.13 support namespaces or is my best bet to go through Graham's version 
> and update it so it builds with GHC 6.4 and the latest packages?
> Thanks, Dominic.
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