Darcs supports pre-checkin hooks was Re: Controlled anarchy

Isaac Jones ijones at syntaxpolice.org
Tue Oct 25 00:31:56 EDT 2005

Sven Panne <Sven.Panne at aedion.de> writes:

> Our main problem here is not technical, it is simply a lack of a decent test 
> suite for all the library packages in the repository. And I totally agree 
> with Jacques here: As long as we don't have this test suite, I'll furiously 
> object to 'allow everyone to just commit'. This will simply not work and will 
> actually turn away much more people from Haskell due to the resulting 
> instability and API volatility than attract people to our beloved language.

While I mostly agree with what you're saying, as a point of clarity, I
want to mention that darcs does _not_ "allow everyone to commit" and
therefore won't have the impact upon stability that you are worrrying

Darcs allows any user to commit to their own local repository, and
makes it easy to merge changes between repositories and send changes
upstream.  There would still be a central / official repository that
would be stable (well, as stable as our CVS repo is now).

> I see a dire need for more Haskell *maintainers*, not for more developers or 
> brand new shiny version control systems. With "maintainers" I mean people 
> accepting/testing/merging patches, discussing with people about APIs, kicking 
> coders to write tests for their code, collecting opinions and writing down 
> API proposals, keeping existing APIs stable/sane/usable, etc. This is a lot 
> of work, it's difficult, time-consuming and much less fun than coding, but we 
> need those people. 

I totally agree with this.

> Darcs won't help with this at all...

I'm not sure of this, but I do agree with Simon about attracting



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