Controlled anarchy, was Re: Data.* collections maintenance

Simon Marlow simonmar at
Mon Oct 24 06:32:04 EDT 2005

On 21 October 2005 21:12, Jacques Carette wrote:

> I would strongly recommend against 'allow everyone to just commit'
> without the presence of a large automated test suite which is used to
> (automatically) reject code that breaks a test.

pre-commit testing using GHC isn't really practical; it would be a huge
bottleneck.  The asynchronous testing we have right now (full testsuite
every night) is a better compromise.

However, online testing of libraries using Hugs might be do-able.  It
would make a nice little project if anyone's interested.  I would
happily run a bunch of Hugs tests before committing a library change if
it was done either with a single command or automatically by the


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