cabal question / feature request

Isaac Jones ijones at
Mon Oct 10 18:59:21 EDT 2005

Johannes Waldmann <waldmann at> writes:

> Dear all.
> is there a way to get the preprocessed sources  of a project from Cabal?
> Is this what "Setup copy" is for? (I guess not.)
> If I do "runhaskell Setup.hs sdist",  I get a tarball
> with the original sources (macros not expanded).
> If I do "runhaskell Setup.hs haddock"
> it seems the preprocessed sources are built -
> but then deleted, so I only get what haddock makes of them
> (and this I don't like - I need more control over
> haddock options, so I need to run it outside cabal.)
> Can I get the desired effect by doing Setup configure for hugs
> and then Setup install? (Would this install preprocessed sources?)

What do you really want to do with these sources?  Maybe a hook of
some kind is the better way?



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