Performance of functional queues

Malcolm Wallace Malcolm.Wallace at
Fri Nov 4 11:45:31 EST 2005

> You might want to take a look at Graeme Moss's dissertation, which was
> about a system for benchmarking functional data structures, including
> queues.

  Graeme E Moss: Benchmarking Purely Functional Data Structures,
  PhD Thesis, University of York, 2000.

  Graeme E Moss, Colin Runciman: Inductive benchmarking for purely
  functional data structures. J. Funct. Program. 11(5): pp525-556 (2001)

  Graeme E Moss, Colin Runciman: Automated Benchmarking of Functional
  Data Structures. PADL 1999: pp1-15

  Graeme E Moss, Colin Runciman: Auburn: A Kit for Benchmarking
  Functional Data Structures. Proceedings of Workshop on Implementation
  of Functional Languages, IFL 1997: pp141-159

The 'auburn' benchmarking kit is also available as source code,
slightly bit-rotted, at:


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