Win32 bindings and the GHC6.4 windows distro

Philippa Cowderoy flippa at
Mon May 23 12:07:09 EDT 2005

I decided to have a play with the win32 bindings in the hierarchical 
libraries. The attached program built with ghc --make fails to link with 
these errors:

test.o(.text+0x1c2):fake: undefined reference to `GraphicsziWin32ziMisc_messageB
test.o(.text+0x255):fake: undefined reference to `__stginit_GraphicsziWin32ziMis
test.o(.data+0x3c):fake: undefined reference to `GraphicsziWin32ziMisc_messageBo

How can I get this to build for now, and is it possible to set up the 
package that comes with the binary windows distribution so that no fix is 
needed in the future?

flippa at

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module Main where

import Graphics.Win32.Misc
import Foreign

main = messageBox nullPtr "Hello World!" "Hello!" 0

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