RFC: general sequences

Adrian Hey ahey at iee.org
Mon May 23 08:48:14 EDT 2005


I'd like to know about the space behaviour of the folds and
whether or not you need more fold variants.

I found that for AVL trees you really need a plethora of different folds
to give users proper control.

The API looks a bit simplistic at the moment in this respect.
But maybe I was unduly anal about this for AVL trees, or maybe
there's something different about your finger tree implementation.

Adrian Hey

On Monday 23 May 2005 12:13 pm, Ross Paterson wrote:
> A general implementation of sequences (based on work with Ralf Hinze)
> can be found at
> 	http://www.soi.city.ac.uk/~ross/software/html/Data.Sequence.html
> 	http://www.soi.city.ac.uk/~ross/software/Data/Sequence.hs
> Our experiments indicate that its performance is comparable to (and
> sometimes better than) the best known persistent implementations(*).
> Non-persistent implementations are typically faster, but you need to be
> more careful when using them.
> I'd like to propose this for base.
> Comments welcome.
> (*) or at least it will be when GHC's SPECIALIZE pragma is fixed for
>     polymorphic specializations (SF bug #1019758).
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