Who maintains haskell-src?

Daan Leijen daan at cs.uu.nl
Tue May 3 08:52:13 EDT 2005

On the side:

Arthur Baars has a full Haskell combinator parser. He made it work
with ghc and could bootstrap itself, i.e. it parses all the Ghc sources
and all of the fptools libraries. The speed of the parser seems
pretty good: ghc compiles itself and fptools about 5-10% slower
than with the standard haddock parser.

I am not sure if he reads this list so you might want to contact
him directly to get the sources.

-- Daan Leijen.

Niklas Broberg wrote:

>Seems there's some trouble with your mail server, I keep getting
>'delivery failure'. Hopefully mails through the list will get through.
>Anyway, I've now merged my repo with the changes to haskell-src in
>CVS. There were no merge conflicts.
>>I'd also like to parameterize the parser over the Extensions
>>type currently in Distribution.Extension (maybe it should move to
>>Language.Haskell.Extension) so that users could selectively enable
>I agree that the parser (and the lexer too) should be parametrized
>over extensions. The Extensions type in Distribution.Extension looks a
>bit messy, but I guess that's a different issue entirely, I suppose
>once that's stable we'll have no problems using it. I've started
>adding some infrastructure to my lib for doing this parametrization,
>it seems to be fairly straight-forward (but tedious). I'll keep
>working on it.
>There are a few non-conservative changes introduced in
>haskell-src-exts, so I guess it's best to wait until all the extension
>parametrization is there before adding my stuff to the official cvs.
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