package mounting

Frederik Eaton frederik at
Tue Jun 28 02:34:05 EDT 2005

> And for the same reason we have "exposed" packages, it makes sense to
> have a default set of grafting locations per user/system (this is
> debatable; indeed sometimes I think we should remove "exposed"
> completely and force non-Cabal users to write -package flags).

I'm not sure what this "same reason" is - exposed packages are a
reason to require a faithful module namespace, and default grafting
locations would help provide that, is this it?

I think another important reason to have the default locations is to
make it easier to move code between projects. I asserted the
importance of facilitating code-sharing to justify other parts of my
proposal, but never mentioned this aspect - namely, if everyone had to
choose their own grafting locations then it would make it much harder
for people to share code. If you could graft a package at more than
one point in the module namespace - which I think would be a good
feature on its own - that could be a partial solution, but I think it
would get rather messy if it had to be used all the time.



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