What Cabal stuff is permanent?

Simon Marlow simonmar at microsoft.com
Mon Jun 13 05:50:34 EDT 2005

On 08 June 2005 16:38, John Goerzen wrote:

> On 2005-06-07, Isaac Jones <ijones at syntaxpolice.org> wrote:
>> include-dirs gets put into ghc's package.conf file, correct?  But
>> then 
> While we're at it, it seems that GHC 6.4 no longer has a library-dirs
> option,

Not sure what you mean here - ghc-pkg's package format (aka
InstalledPackageInfo) definitely *does* have a library-dirs field.

> and that extra-lib-dirs is *not* installed into the GHC
> package file.  I think that it should be.  What do you think?

Indeed, that looks like a bug.  I'm testing the fix now.


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