Haskell Matrix Library...

Keean Schupke k.schupke at imperial.ac.uk
Fri Jun 10 10:56:11 EDT 2005

Henning Thielemann wrote:

>I gave you suggestions that can be implemented immediately. They resulted
>from my bad experiences with MatLab and better experiences I made with the
>suggested approach in Modula-3. Intentionally re-implementing a bad thing
>is different from implementing something you still don't know enough

Jan Skibinski's page seems to have disappeared so there is no source I can find for the
Orthoganal stuff - besides which I am interested in efficency - and that basically
said the algorithms were experimental and use Haskell lists...

The HaskellDSP defines simple matrix operations, but does not put the operations into the
numeric, fractional, and floating classes. This makes the resulting expressions hard to

I can appreciate what you are saying - but I remain to be persuaded. 

>... as I also wrote, there are already at least two libraries providing

>some of the functionality you need. Do we really need a new library whose
>sloppy design is intended?

Well, I do as my requirements are different than those of the libraries
I am merely offering to do a little extra work and put that into a
generic library
if people want it. If people don't want it, thats fine...

>>LAPACK does not appear to support higher dimensional matrices... is this
>Yes, why should it do so? Every finite dimensional operator can be
>represented by a matrix.
I have found a couple of papers on generalising matrix algebra to higher
dimensional matrices... So it seems to be possible...


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