Compatibility libraries

Isaac Jones ijones at
Sun Jul 17 01:05:02 EDT 2005

Einar Karttunen <ekarttun at> writes:

> GHC seems to have its own solution in fptools/ghc/lib/compat/ but 
> having a cabal package and supporting e.g. Data.Map/Set could make 
> things easier. Does this sound like a good idea or is there a much
> better solution?

I think it's a good idea.  It would be nice to have a single Cabal
package for all the differences between 6.2 and 6.4, including HUnit,
Data.Queue, and others.  It would certainly be useful to me, since I
still use 6.2 for some stuff, but I don't know how many ppl are like

Of course, it would be better to have multiple Cabal packages, but
Cabal doesn't implement inter-dependent packages in one .cabal file
yet.  I hope to soon!



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