cabal release?

Isaac Jones ijones at
Wed Jul 6 00:20:35 EDT 2005

I would like to make a Cabal release Real Soon Now, version 1.0.2.
There are always more changes that would be good to get in, but we
have to release sometime.  This is just a minor release, and it's not
being released with a compiler like the 1.0 release, so it doesn't
need to be "perfect".  We haven't exactly been releasing early and
often, but in that spirit, let's get the many changes since 1.0 out
into the wild.  Here's a summary from the changelog:

 	* Handles recursive modules for GHC 6.2 and GHC 6.4.
	* Added "setup test" command (Used with UserHook)
	* implemented handling of _stub.{c,h,o} files
	* Added support for profiling
	* Changed install prefix of libraries (pref/pkgname-version
	  to prefix/pkgname-version/compname-version)
	* Added pattern guards as a language extension
	* Moved some functionality to Language.Haskell.Extension
	* Register / unregister .bat files for windows
	* Exposed more of the API
	* Added support for the hide-all-packages flag in GHC > 6.4
	* Several bug fixes

Oh, and though it's not a big change from Cabal's perspective, there
are some changes that are necessary to get Hackage out the door.

Does anyone know of any:
- critical bugs that we shouldn't release without fixing
- interface changes that are so horrible that we shouldn't release without
  fixing them

I'm a bit concerned about the different release cycles that Cabal and
the compilers will be following, but I think that if we are careful
with version numbers we'll be OK :)



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