FW: FW: cvs commit: fptools/libraries/base package.conf.in fptools/libraries/base/Data IntMap.hs IntSet.hs Map.hs FiniteMap.hs Set.hs

Alain Cremieux alcremi at pobox.com
Wed Jan 19 15:15:27 EST 2005

>As I see it: we could change all the operations in Data.Set/Data.Map to
>be right-biased, but that's a fair bit of work and might introduce new
>If someone wants to do this work, it needs to be done fairly quickly
>(i.e. in the next couple of weeks) because we plan to release GHC 6.4
>with the new code, and we won't be able to make further library changes
>until 6.6.  Any volunteers?
>	Simon
If everyone agrees on what's to be done, I volunteer for doing it.

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