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Simon Marlow simonmar at microsoft.com
Tue Jan 18 05:12:14 EST 2005

On 17 January 2005 19:59, Iavor Diatchki wrote:

> On Mon, 17 Jan 2005 16:04:29 -0000, Simon Marlow
> <simonmar at microsoft.com> wrote: 
>> If someone wants to do this work, it needs to be done fairly quickly
>> (i.e. in the next couple of weeks) because we plan to release GHC 6.4
>> with the new code, and we won't be able to make further library
>> changes until 6.6.  Any volunteers?
> It seems strange to me that the DData library and GHC need to evolve
> at the same rate.
> Why not have a library website where interested programmers can go and
> download the
> latest version of the library?

Absolutely, that's the direction we want to move in with Cabal and
Hackage.  But at the moment, GHC is shipped with a monolithic collection
of libraries, and we make certain promises about when we change those

Don't worry, in the future you'll be able to upgrade most libraries
independently of GHC (and get a whole new set of problems :-).


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