Could this be added to Data?

John Meacham john at
Sun Jan 16 01:26:15 EST 2005

Could someone with CVS write access add this to Data?  I brought it up
before and there wern't any objections and several people responded
saying they have implemented the exact same module (with the same names)
so it would seem to make sense to include it. 

There are probably some more instances that can be added from the rest
of the libraries. 


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module Data.FunctorM where

import Array

class FunctorM f where
    fmapM :: Monad m => (a -> m b) -> f a -> m (f b)

instance FunctorM [] where
    fmapM f xs = mapM f xs

instance FunctorM Maybe where
    fmapM _ Nothing = return Nothing
    fmapM f (Just x) = f x >>= return . Just 

instance Ix i => FunctorM (Array i) where
    fmapM f a = sequence [ f e >>= return . (,) i | (i,e) <- assocs a] >>= return . array b  where
        b = bounds a

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