Cabal hooks

Krasimir Angelov kr.angelov at
Tue Jan 11 17:06:11 EST 2005

On Tue, 11 Jan 2005 12:49:11 +0000, Ross Paterson <ross at> wrote:

> I think these checks are off at the moment.  But you can get the
> effect you're after by using

I still get "*** Exception: Line 1: Parse of field 'name' failed"
error if name field from Setup.buildinfo is empty.

>        main = defaultMainWithHooks defaultUserHooks
> can't you?  (cf fptools/libraries/X11)  There's a need to do
> something different under Windows, though.

My Setup.lhs is something like:

#! runghc

import Distribution.Simple
import Distribution.Setup
import Distribution.PackageDescription

main = defaultMainWithHooks hooks

hooks = defaultUserHooks
  { preConf = hsql_configure

hsql_configure :: [String] -> ConfigFlags -> IO (Maybe PackageDescription)
hsql_configure args flags = do
  let pkg_descr = emptyPackageDescription
        { ccOptions = ...
  writePackageDescription hookedPackageDesc pkg_descr
  return (Just pkg_descr)

It fails because name and version fields of the returned package
description are empty. To work arround I need to use:

hsql_configure :: [String] -> ConfigFlags -> IO (Maybe PackageDescription)
hsql_configure args flags = do
  pkg_descr <- readPackageDescription "Setup.description"
  let pkg_descr' = pkg_descr
        { ccOptions = ...
  writePackageDescription hookedPackageDesc pkg_descr'
  return (Just pkg_descr')

> > Isn't it simpler to change the hooks type to something like:
> >
> > PackageDescription -> IO PackageDescription
> >
> > where the argument is the original description and the result is the
> > possible updated one? This avoids the need of merging and simplifies
> > the library code.
> This relates to the discussion on package description structure.
> With this interface, it would be possible for the preConf hook to
> alter fields that are supposed to be fixed.

The library can check whether some fields are equal in the original
description and in the updated description.


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