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Isaac Jones ijones at
Wed Jan 5 12:01:05 EST 2005

"Simon Marlow" <simonmar at> writes:

> We're planning to ship GHC 6.4 "very soon", so it would be good if the
> version of Cabal that comes with GHC 6.4 is more or less a stable
> release.  What things do you still have in the pipeline?

That's fine... I was basically planning to make 1.0 "whatever gets
released with the next fptools/libraries"

Big things on my list (I'll break them up into "stuff I want to do"
and "stuff I want someone else to do" :) ).  My longer-term plan is
that if I finish the "stuff I want to do" then I can start hacking on

* Stuff I want to do:

** Documentation

** getting the hooks / configure interface done, including "./setup
   test" which uses the same interface

** more testing of preprocessors, haven't found a good test case yet

* Consensus decisions to make:

** names of package files

** which fields in which files (hopefully only one file)

* Stuff i want someone else to do

** Distribution.Simple interface for all implementations, if possible
  (nhc is probably pretty behind the others at this point, but it
  shouldn't be much different from ghc).

** HC-pkg interface for all implementations, if possible

** maybe "uninstall"

** some tweaking to sdist and bdist, including using libraries for
   tarring them up, instead of calling 'system "tar"'



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